HMI607. Intelligent Decision - Intelligent Support, 5p

Instructor Erik Hollnagel, IDA/LiTH,

Spring 2003

Prerequisites Graduate status as IDA/HMI student. Some knowledge of decision theory and/or practical experience with support systems will be an advantage.
Goals Provide an overview of the theoretical and practical issues in the design and deployment of systems to help with human decision making.

Introduction: 4 3-hour sessions. (12 hours)
Followed by analysis of chosen case. (24 hours)
Concluded by 6 3-hour sessions. (18 hours)

Systematic discussions around the topic of intelligent decisions, and the advantages and disadvantages of introducing decision support systems including the relation between decision and automation. Simply put, the issue is whether the aim should be to develop support for intelligent decisions, or to develop intelligent support systems. In other words, should designers try to amplify human intelligence or replace it.
This issue will be pursued by thematic discussions centring on the central notions of decision making and joint cognitive systems. Part of the course will be an independent investigation/analysis of a specific real-life case.

Literature Selected papers and book chapters; to be announced

Written analysis of a concrete application with a view to the feasibility of using decision support.