HMI623. Fundamentals in Human-Computer Interaction, 5p

Instructor David Carr

Prerequisites A basic course in statistics and an advanced programming course.
Content The course covers human factors issues in the development of software, use of database systems, and design of user interfaces for interactive systems. This includes theories of man-machine interfaces, task analysis models, usability studies, and controlled experimentation, as well as software engineering with user interface development environments. Topics include command languages, menus, forms, direct manipulation, graphical user interfaces, computer supported cooperative work, information search and visualization, input/output devices, and display design.
  • B. Shneiderman, Designing the User Interface, 3e, Addision-Wesley, 1997, ISBN 0-201-69497-2.
  • R. Runyon & A. Haber, Fundamentals of Behavioral Statistics, 8th Edition, McGraw- Hill (1996). (Recommended to review statistics)
Examination Students will do a group project which includes implementing a user interface using a UIMS such as Visual Basic and conducting an evaluation of that interface.