HMI652. Design for Human Machine Interaction, 5p

Instructor Yngve Sundblad,
John Bowers,
guest lecturers


  1. Different relations and attitudes towards users in the design process (concepts, methodology, experiences), e.g.: modeling (GOMS etc), centering (UCSD), involving (cooperative design), theorising (activity theory etc), studying (ethnographically etc), reflecting (reflective practitioner), ignoring (technology driven)
  2. Orientation about working methods and user aspects in architecture, film and TV, graphic design, industrial design and software design (design patterns)
  • Winograd, T., Bennett, J., De Young, L., Hartfield, B. (eds): Bringing Design to Software, Addison-Wesley 1996
  • Greenbaum, J. & Kyng, M.: Design at Work - Cooperative Design of Computer Systems, Lawrence-Erlbaum 1991
  • Bradshaw (ed.): Software Agents, MIT Press 1997
  • Schön, D.: Educating the Reflective Practitioner, Jossey-Bass 1990
  • A collection of articles.
Examination Four shorter papers on themes connected to user orientation A longer paper treating a case study from aspects of userorientation and design, presented at a seminar
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