HMI657. Programming for Non Computer Scientists, 5p


Yngve Sundblad
Matthias Palmer
Per Bäckström
Olle Sundblad

Semester Startar mars 6 kl 10-12. Schema fram till mitten av maj V20, bestäms den 6 mars
Prerequisites prerequisities The course is intended for research students in Human-Computer Interaction and related disciplines without formal training in computer programming. A general experience of computer use for word processing, email and WWW is assumed.
Content A historical overview of the development of programming languages and concepts.

Programming concepts in general and the Java language in particular.  Excel as a "programming" environment. Presentation and interaction in Macromedia Director with orientation about the Lingo programming language

Literature Per Brinch Hansen: Programming for Everyone in Java, Springer 1999
Examination Assignments on and between the lessons. A larger programming excercise where each student both alone and in co-operation writes some parts of a group project.
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