HMI661. Cognition, Learning, Instruction and Computers, 5p


Robert Ramberg
Klas Karlgren and invited speakers.


Prerequisites Graduate student status or advanced undergraduate.
Content Views/theories of cognition (traditional/situated/social), theories of learning, approaches to instruction, design of IT-tools for learning.
  1. Gardner, H, (1985).The Mind's New Science: A history of the cognitive revolution. Basic Books Inc.
  2. Cognitive Science special issue on Situated action. vol 17, nr. 1, 1993.
  3. Suchman, L. (1987). Plans and Situated Actions: The problem of Human Machine Interaction, Cambridge University Press,
  4. Lave & Wenger, (1991). Situated Learning: Legitimate Peripheral Learning, Cambridge University Press.
  5. A collection of articles
Examination Home work (paper) and a written test.