HMI662. Intelligent Interfaces: Knowledge-based Design and Generation of Interfaces, 5p

Instructor Responsible: Carl-Gustaf Jansson

Content The course consists of an introductory part including :

  • one general tutorial on intelligent interfaces
  • two lectures on two alternative perspectives on intelligent interfaces
  • an introduction to the book choosen as litterature as well as a set of pairs of lectures on the following sub topics:
  • Context Modelling
  • Generation of Presentations
  • Generation of Multimodal interactions
  • Generation of Discourse Structure
  • Generation of Services
  • New kinds of Artefacts
  • User Interface Management Systems
  • Evaluation Techniques
For each sub topic the first lecture gives a general overview and analyses on or two articles from the book in more detail. On the second lecture the students presents analyses of articles from the book relevant for the sub topic orally and in written form.
Literature Readings in Intelligent User Interfaces, edited by Mark Maybury and Wolfgang Wahlster.

Examination Four oral presentations and short written reviews of articles from thebook related to one of the course sub topics (1-8) + 1 longer articlefocussed on one or several of the course sub topics.