HMI701. Research Topics: Automation, Cognition, and the Human Interface, 5p

Instructor Sidney Dekker, IKP/LiU,

Prerequisites Graduate status as HMI student
  1. History and evolution of automation in operational environments
  2. Supervisory control and management by exception
  3. Distributed cognition and Designing joint cognitive systems
  4. New knowledge and skills for automation
  5. Training for automation
  6. Automated system attributes such as (hidden) complexity, coupling, brittleness, literalism
  7. Automation as team player and strong but silent partner
  8. The representation of automation activities and problems with observing automation status and behavior (dynamism, uncommanded mode changes, keyhole effects)
  9. Automation-related errors, failures and system breakdowns, Human-centered automation.
  • Billings, C.E. (1996). Aviation automation: The search for a human-centered approach. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.
  • Selected research papers.
Examination Discussion participation, design project(s) and term paper