HMI705. Research Topics. Cognition and Creativity in Design Work, 5p

Instructor Kjell Ohlsson,
Semester Fall 2000
Prerequisites Graduate student status or qualified undergraduate.
  1. Cognitive models for design work
  2. situated cognition, implications for design support,
  3. models for procedural design
  4. creativity in design,
  5. computer support in design work.
  • Altshuller, G.S. (1988). Creativity as an Exact Science. New York: Gordon and Breach.
  • Suh, N. (1990). Principles of design. New York: Oxford University Press
  • Finke, R.A., Ward, T.B., and Smith, S.M. (1992). Creative Cognition. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
  • Schön, D. The reflecitive practition.
Examination Article: 20 pages double-spaced 30% Active and prepared participation in discussions 20% Written 50%