Program for HMI-workshop 2000

Time: 24-25 Jan

Location: Electrum in Kista

Monday Jan 24

Lunch with Academic Advisors (board + executive committee)

13 -13.45 Background and summary of what HMI has accomplished so far. Questions.

The graduate school

  • How the graduate studies are built up and common experiences in the HMI education.

  • 14.30-16.00 Presentations of project themes

  • We should select a couple of project themes. Maximum three for each HMI center: Linköping and Stockholm.The two main criteria should be 1. that the themes naturally covers large and interesting subsets of the individual themes for the graduate students and 2. that the themes can facilitate the process to explicate research themes for future centers of excellence. 20-30 minutes presentations for each by the senior researchers on each site.

  • 16.30-20 Poster session

  • Each HMI graduate student is invited to make a poster, which describes the personal research theme and the progress during the last year.

  • Dinner

    Tuesday Jan 25

    Lectures by the Academic Advisors

  • Detailed agenda and themes to be decided in discussion with the academic advisors. Some open feedback from the advisors could be included here.

  • Lunch

    13-15 Feedback from and discussion with the advisors based on the impressions from the HMI activities and the monday presentations and posters (board + executive committee).

  • What can be done to improve quality and efficiency?

  • Planned continuation of the HMI activities (center of excellence).

  • Discussion.

  • How do we achieve a deeper international exchange?