Graduate courses in Human-Machine Interaction

For further information about courses contact:
Kerstin Severinson Eklundh (Stockholm)
Sture Hägglund (Linköping)

Autumn 2005



Spring semester 2005

HMI503 Human Factors Research Methodology and Field Experimentation, 5p, Spring 2005,  Linköping/IKP/LiU

HMI653 Computer-supported Cooperative Work, 5p, Spring 2005, Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI758 Current topics in Human Computer Interaction, up till 5p, Spring 2005, Linköping/KTH/NADA

"Att utforma en forskningsansökan", Spring 2005, Linköping/IKP/LiU

Personal Information Management, Spring 2005, Stockholm/NADA/KTH

Cognitive Models of Empowerment, Spring 2005, Linköping/IKP/LiU

Sevice design, Spring 2005, Linköping/IKP/LiU

Courses given at DSV, Spring 2005, Stockholm/DSV/SU/KTH

All courses

HMI501 Human Performance, 5p, Spring 2004, Linköping/IKP/LIU

HMI503 Human Factors Research Methodology and Field Experimentation, 5p, Spring 2005 Linköping/IKP/LIU

HMI504 *Experimental Design and Statistical Methods, 5 points,, Spring 2004, Linköping/IKP/LIU

HMI505 Semiotics, Fall 2001,  Linköping/

HMI601 Biomechanics and Work Physiology, 5p, Fall 2002, Linköping/IKP/LIU

HMI602 Cognitive Systems Engineering, 5 points, Spring 2002, Linköping/IDA/LiU

HMI603 Organization Management and Work Psychology,5p, Fall 2000,  Linköping/IKP/LIU

HMI605 System Safety and Control of Risk (enhanced version of Barrier Analysis and Accident Prevention), 5p, Spring 2004, Linköping/IDA/LiU

HMI606 Human Factors Engineering, Fall 2004, Linköping/IKP/LIU

HMI607 Intelligent Decision - Intelligent Support,3p, Spring 2000,  Linköping/IDA/LiU

HMI611 Humanistisk Informationsteknologi, 5p, Fall 1999,  Linköping/Temma-k/LiU

HMI621 Talteknologi, Spring 2000,  Linköping/IDA/LiU

HMI622 Natural Language Interfaces,, Fall 2000,  Linköping/IDA/LiU

HMI623 Fundamentals in Human-Computer Interaction,5p, Fall 1998,  Linköping/IDA/LiU

HMI624 Seminar in User Interface Software Engineering,3p, Spring 1999,  Linköping/IDA/LiU

HMI626 Cognition, Learning and IT, 4p, Spring 2002, Linköping/IDA/LiU

HMI651 *Research Methods in Human-Computer Interaction, 5p, Fall 2002, Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI652 Design for Human Machine Interaction,5p, Fall 1999,  Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI653 Computer-supported Cooperative Work, 5p, Spring 2005 Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI654 Communication and the Dynamics of Knowledge in Professional Contexts, 5p, Spring 2001,  Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI655 Natural dialogue and communication, 5p, Spring 2000,  Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI656 Theoretical Perspectives in Human-Computer Interaction, 5p, Spring 2002, Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI657 Programming for Non Computer Scientists,5p, Spring 2002, Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI658 History of Human-Computer Interaction,5p, Spring 2004, Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI661 Cognition, Learning, Instruction and Computers,5p, Fall 2000,  Stockholm/DSV/SU

HMI662 Intelligent Interfaces: Knowledge-based Design and Generation of Interfaces, 5p, Fall 1998,  Stockholm/DSV/SU

HMI663 Ubiquitous Computing, 3p or 5p, Spring 2004, Linköping/IDA/LiU

HMI664 Visual Programming Course (SU/KTH), 5p, Spring 2000,  Stockholm/SU/KTH

HMI701 Research Topics: Automation, Cognition, and the Human Interface, 5p, Fall 1998,  Linköping/IKP/LIU

HMI702 Innovative Visualization Design, 5+5 Points, Fall 2001,  Linköping/IKP/LiU

HMI703 Psychoacoustics, 5p, Spring 2000,  Linköping/IKP/LIU

HMI705 Research Topics. Cognition and Creativity in Design Work, 5p, Fall 2000,  Linköping/IKP/LIU

HMI710 Learning, conversation and Information Technology, 5p, Fall 1997,  Linköping/Temma-K/LiU

HMI721 Qualitative Approaches to HCI, 5p, Spring 2004, Stockholm/KTH/NADA

HMI722 Cognitive Modelling, 3p, Spring 2004, Linköping/IDA/LiU

HMI723 Play and Designing Media for Participation, Fall 2002, Linköping/IDA/LIU

HMI724 Qualitative Approach in HCI II - A Practice, Problem-Based Approach, Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI725 Enactive Artificial Intelligence, Spring 2004, Linköping/IDA/LiU

HMI751 Activity Theory and Human-Computer Interaction,2p, Fall 1997,  Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI752 Computer support for the writing process,5p, Fall 2002, Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI754 IT and Ethics, 5p Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI755 The Language of New Media, 5p, Fall 1999,  Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI757 Social interaction and the design of virtual communities, 5p, Fall 2004, Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI758 Current topics in Human Computer Interaction, up till 5p, Spring 2005 Linköping/KTH/NADA

HMI760 Cultures of programming - hackers, crackers and open source, 5 p, Fall 2003, Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI771 Datorspelsdesign, Fall 2003, Stockholm/NADA/KTH

HMI772 Interactive narration, Fall 2004, Stockholm/NADA/KTH

IAV615 Work Psychology - The Study of Work Practice, 5p, Spring 2004, Linköping/IKP/LIU

Undergraduate Courses

End-user Programming, Fall 2004, Linköping/IDA/LiU

Kognitionspsykologi Stockholm/DSV/SU/KTH

Affective Interaction, 5p, Fall 2004, Stockholm/DSV/SU/KTH

Avancerade interaktiva system, 5p 2004, Stockholm/DSV/SU/KTH

Sociala nätverk, 5p, Fall 2004, Stockholm/DSV/SU/KTH

Användbarhetsorienterad systemutveckling,5p, Fall 1998, Linköping/IDA/LiU

HMI422 Design för användbarhet, 10 p, Fall 1998, Linköping/IDA/LiU

HMI461 Intelligent Interfaces, 5p Stockholm/DSV/SU

Människa-datorinteraktion, 5p , Linköping/IDA/LiU

Människa-datorinteraktion (MDI), översiktskurs Stockholm/NADA/KTH

Människa-datorinteraktion (MDI), grundkurs Stockholm/NADA/KTH

IT-design för funktionshindrade, 4p, Spring 2004, Stockholm/NADA/KTH

Utvärderingsmetoder inom MDI, Spring 2004, Stockholm/NADA/KTH

Användarcentrerad programutveckling (ACPU), Spring 2004, Stockholm/NADA/KTH

Avancerad grafik och interaktion Stockholm/NADA/KTH

Språkteknologi Stockholm/NADA/KTH

Grafik och interaktionsprogrammering Stockholm/NADA/KTH

Courses given at DSV, Spring 2005 Stockholm/DSV/SU/KTH